5. Semiotics

A. Introduction

Brand identity and brand image

  • Identity - How management defines what the brand is
  • Image - How consumers perceive the brand

Group project work:

  1. Decode the brand’s identity

    • Things that can be used: Brand, name, logo, slogan, service, colors, social media, Annual report, CEO interviews, collaborations, 4Ps.
    • Understand the service provided by the company; basically analysing interactions
    • Collect material that helps to decode how consumers relate to the brand; each member will do two interviews for 45 minutes. Check if there is a disconnect between the two and check if the any strategies can be implemented to mitigate the issue.
  2. Study the brand’s image

  3. Establish whether there is a disconnect between the two

  4. Make some recommendations about the brand’s future strategy

B. Case Study - Rx Bar

RxBar recent packaging
RxBar recent packaging

Protein bars is a very crowded market.


RxBar old packaging
RxBar old packaging
  • Too much information to read; not very aesthetically pleasing; Gives a natural vibe.
  • The new packaging is more minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Clearly emphasizes the protien content.

C. Presentation

  • Wines and brand identity
    • The packaging is very important
      • Label, place, bottle, etc.
      • Font, color, etc.

D. Next week

  1. Read the weekly reading
  2. Conduct interviews to better understand the brand’s identity and image