Bunch of notes, learnings, and ideas. I thought would be useful to organise posts into collection and quick read.

📝 Research Paper Notes

My collection of notes, insights, and concise summaries from research papers.

🏠 Building software applications

A collection of resources and guidelines for building software systems, covering topics such as software architecture, design patterns, best practices, and tools.

🥽 Understanding computer science fundamentals

A collection of learning notes about foundational concepts and theories in computer science, serving as a quick reference for understanding core principles.

📊 Notes on investments principles

This course provides the basic understanding and tools to conduct portfolio analysis, make investment decisions, and manage portfolios. Furthermore, it covers the analysis of various investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, and options), allocation of assets, and modern portfolio theory.

🧞 Interview prep with Leetcode

A collection of leetcode problems and solutions to prepare for technical interviews.

🧠 Notes for EE4285 Computational Intelligence

The courses provides an introduction to fundamental theory and concepts of computational intelligence methods, specifically, fuzzy systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms and their applications in the area of machine intelligence.

Startup Post-Mortem: Lessons Learned from My Startup Odyssey

At times, the most valuable lessons stem from introspection and analyzing the experiences from our own personal journeys. In that spirit, these are few crucial insights from my failed startup journey, encompassing engineering, business, design, and a myriad of other subjects.

Energy Demand Forecasting for US Households - Timeseries Forecasting Using Deep Learning

Energy consumption forecasting for buildings has immense value in energy efficiency and sustainability research. This post summarizes the experimentation and results of the energy demand forecasting for a building.