10. Consumption and Identity

A. Why marketers need to care about identity?

  • Identity is a key aspect of consumer behaviour
    • Prius vs Civic
      • Prius - more environmentally conscious
    • Marketrs need to understand the kinds of identity projects that consumers are trying to build

B. Consumer Identity and Different levels of Identity

  1. Individual level
  2. Family level
    • We use consumption as a way to tell stories about family; eg: Ralph Lauren
  3. Group level
    • Attachments to key social groups as a part of the self
    • Membership reference groups
      • Eg: Harley Davidson
  4. National level

C. Social Identity Theory

A person’s sense of who they are based on their group membership which people belong to, are an important resources for people to construct a sense of their self.

Case study - HP12C

  • Attachments to a social group as a part of the self.
  • The HP12C calculator was a status symbol for accountants and finance professionals.

D. Gender Identity

  • Men who eat beef-heavy diet are perceived as 20% more casculine and 30% percent less feminine than vegetarians